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Giving Rehabilitation Businesses a Voice

As rehabilitation providers much of our focus is on providing the best care possible to the patients we serve.  While devoting our time and energy on quality care we some time lose site of the ever-changing regulations that effect our reimbursement and the delivery of care itself. We need someone who is looking out for our best interest and the best interest of our patients. That’s where  NARA comes in. Through its legislative efforts and the  NARA Political Action Committee, NARA serves as a voice in the political arena and fights for patient access, reasonable compensation and the success of rehabilitation businesses.



NARA works to provide rehabilitation providers with information and advocacy efforts for legislation and regulations that directly impact their businesses and their ability to deliver quality care to patients. Our current legislative priorities include:

  • Addressing the Critical Shortage of Qualified Rehabilitation Professionals

To learn more about each of these legislative priorities, please call us at  1-866-839-7710.

The NARA Political Action Committee

The NARA Political Action Committee (NARA-PAC) serves as a way to allow individuals, providers, corporations and unions the opportunity to share a common political goal and voluntarily contribute money to affect change in the national political landscape. NARA-PAC serves as a separate fund that is established by NARA, and you can contribute as much as you like. Contributions should be made via personal checks.*

NARA-PAC is made up of our members and other individuals who want to affect positive change in the rehabilitation industry and for the industry’s patients. The purposes of NARA-PAC are to:

  • Give donations to candidates for national office and elected officials who demonstrate their support for the rehabilitation industry, practitioners and patients. These donations are given without consideration of political party affiliation.
  • Increase and improve Congress’ awareness about national issues that impact the rehabilitation industry and patients.
  • Establish an active and effective mechanism for NARA membership in affecting the federal government policies on NARA issues.
  • Raise money through voluntary contributions of NARA members and using that money to positively affect the national political process.

Contribute to NARA’s Advocacy Effort

Whether you’re interested in learning more about NARA’s legislative priorities or making a donation to NARA-PAC, you can get involved with NARA by calling 1-866-839-7710.