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Leading By Example: Empowering Others to Achieve a Culture of Excellence

Speaker: Lisa Milliken, MA, CCC-SLP, FNAP    Learn More^


One of the key components of being a good leader is providing a example to your staff to empower them to achieve and thrive in a culture of excellence.  During this course we will review the challenges of being a leader and how to make it successful, how to execute strategies to align stakeholders, strategic planning for desired outcomes, and effective time management.

During this webinar, our speaker will discuss the following the learning objectives:

  • Describe strategies to increase employee engagement for greater work quality
  • Execute strategies to manage obstacles and work through resistance
  • Share components for managing interdisciplinary teamwork to achieve clinical & financial outcomes
  • Apply principals of time management to achieve strategic goals

Attendees from the Fall Pre-Conference 2018, will automatically be enrolled in this webinar as part of the NARA Leadership Academy.  


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