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Targeting Low Back Pain: Identifying and Preventing Factors Related to Chronicity

Speaker: Anthony Delitto, PT, Ph.D, FAPTA    Learn More^


Webinar Description

We will identify easily measured factors that are related to persistent pain and demonstrate a mechanism whereby these factors can be routinely screened for in a general population.  We will also discuss educational and coping strategies that can be implemented into everyday care that are designed to prevent chronic symptoms.

Course Objectives

  1. Breakdown the stratified approach to low back pain
  2. Identify patients at risk for persistent pain
  3. Describe chronic versus acute terminology
  4. Compare and contrast management principles for chronic and acute cases
  5. Recognize the magnitude of low back pain as a health care system and the economy
  6. List 2 distinct approaches that can be incorporated with a typical rehabilitation session to address psychological obstacles to recovery

Timed Agenda

  1. Welcome and Learning Objectives (12:00 – 12:02pm)
  2. Stratified approach to low back pain (12:02 – 12:12pm)
  3. Chronic versus acute low back pain and managing principles (12:12 – 12:25pm)
  4. The impact of low back pain on the health care system and economic burden (12:25 – 12:38pm)
  5. Approaches to incorporate in sessions to address psychological obstacles (12:38 – 12:50pm)
  6. Questions & Answers (12:50 – 1:00pm)


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