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Strategies for Collaboration & Communication with PDGM

Speaker: Dawn Greaves, PT, DPT    Learn More^


The Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) eliminated the volume of therapy visits from the home health reimbursement model. The value of therapy to the patient and the agency must be demonstrated to support care needed. This webinar will review the importance of and strategies for communication and collaboration in this new model. Under PDGM the primary diagnosis is paramount to assignment of the correct clinical group which is a large driver of reimbursement. Functional measures are also a critical component of the model.  A multidisciplinary care plan approach is more important than ever to ensure an accurate picture of the patient and delivery of a focused, efficient and effective care plan for optimal outcomes.


  1. Explain why and what may need to change in your collaboration and communication processes under PDGM

  2. Describe the importance of facilitating communication with the agency as a therapy provider

  3. Describe the key areas to address with the multipdisciplinary team

  4. Outline tools and strategies for communication and collaboration


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