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The purpose of the NARA award for Innovation is to recognize the talents of NARA members whose business demonstrates excellence in the creation of a program or product that has made a demonstrable, positive financial and/or clinical impact in their rehab business. Ideas, change, passion and trends are elements that drive innovation. The results can be in renewal, change, and/or reinvention that aids in further growth of/in the rehabilitation industry.

Selection Criteria

The innovation award is based upon two broad criteria – the results of the innovation and the process by which it occurred.  The winner of the Innovation Aware must be a NARA member in good standing and the innovation itself must:

  • Exemplify a new dimension of performance
  • Have made a positive, demonstrable difference in the organization's business, e.g., financial, clinical, staffing, employee or customer satisfaction
  • Be easily replicated or adapted for other rehab businesses

Applications are due by September 7, 2018 and can be submitted electronically to [email protected] or via fax to 800-716-1847.  This award will be presented at the NARA Fall 2018 Conference (member is not required to be present).

How To Nominate
Submit a summary of the innovation including:

  • Company name, contact name and information for person overseeing the innovation
  • Description of how the opportunity was identified
  • How the solution made a difference with your customers or staff
  • Description of how the innovation was tested
  • Indicate the process for implementation
  • Document any unexpected results from your innovation process
  • Describe any obstacles and resolutions you may have
  • Provide examples of tools used to measure the success of the innovation – project plans, metrics, project updates, budget analysis, etc.
  • Identify the long term results of the innovation 
    1)      Potential as a Model – Describe how the innovation serves as a model that can be replicated or adapted by other departments, communities or organizations
    2)     Additional Background – Describe the individuals’ roles in the innovation (e.g., design, implementation, communication, dissemination). 

Please contact Sabrena McCarley at [email protected], Awards & Nominating Committee Chairperson if you have any questions.


Past Innovation Award Winners

2017:  Mountain Land - Running Program

2016: PT Northwest - Data Driven Coaching Model

2015:  Access Rehab Centers - Home Based Outcomes Program