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The purpose of the NARA Impact Award is to recognize the talents of NARA members whose business demonstrates excellence in the creation of a program or product that has demonstrated a positive financial and/or clinical impact in their rehab business. Ideas, change, passion and trends are elements that drive innovation. The results can be in renewal, change, and/or reinvention that aids in further growth of/in the rehabilitation industry.

Selection Criteria

The innovation award is based upon two broad criteria – the results of the innovation and the process by which it occurred.  The winner of the Innovation Aware must be a NARA member in good standing and the innovation itself must:

  • Exemplify a new dimension of performance
  • Have made a positive, demonstrable difference in the organization's business, e.g., financial, clinical, staffing, employee or customer satisfaction
  • Be easily replicated or adapted for other rehab businesses

Applications are due late Summer each year. This award will be presented at the NARA Fall Conference. Those submitting applications do not need to be present; however, we do encourage you to attend and participate in the Impact Award session by presenting your application to attendees.

Past Innovation Award Winners

2022: Alinea Engage & Consonus Healthcare

2019: Encore Rehabilitation: Student Clinical Affiliation Program

2018: First Choice PT: Checkmate Compliance Solution

2017:  Mountain Land - Running Program

2016: PT Northwest - Data Driven Coaching Model

2015:  Access Rehab Centers - Home Based Outcomes Program