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NARA members are responsible for helping lead our organization and communicating our goals, legislative priorities and educational opportunities with 80,000+ therapists across the country. Please take a moment to get to know the people who help NARA continue to thrive and serve its members responsibly and effectively.

Board of Directors


  • President: Kelly Cooney, HealthPRO Heritage
  • Vice President: Chris Carlin, Hartford HealthCare Rehabilitation Network
  • Secretary: Sabrena McCarley, Transitional Care Management
  • Treasurer: Mark Sulecki, Centers for Rehab Services (UPMC)
  • Past President: Stephen Hunter, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Membership Director:  Kennedy Hawkins, PT Northwest, LLC
  • Executive Director: Christie Sheets

Board Members

  • Director at Large: Lisa Chambers, Blue Sky Therapy
  • Director at Large: Chris Batchelor, Big Stone Therapies
  • Director at Large: Greg Guinter, Medline Industries, LP
  • Director at Large: Nina Lazenby, Restore Therapy Services
  • Director at Large: Lynette Kentgen, Legacy Healthcare Services

Committee Chairs & Members

  • Conference Committee
    • Chairperson: Linda Riccio, Transitional Care Management
    • Denise Norman, Transitional Care Management
    • Heather Pazak, Powerback Rehab
    • George Fox, HealthPRO-Heritage
    • Nina Lazenby, Restore Therapy Services
    • Kathy Simpson, TriVista Rehab
    • Brenna Koback, EncompassCare
    • Noelle Cleveland, Encore Rehabilitation
  • Government Affair Committee
    • Chairperson: Sabrena McCarley, Transitional Care Management
    • Lisa Chambers, Blue Sky Therapy
    • Babak Amali, Prodigy Rehabilitation
    • Jessica Beaudry, Vertis Therapy
  • Political Action Committee (PAC)
    • Chairperson, Trustee: Mark Anderson, Mountain Land Rehabilitation
    • Trustee: Lee Glasoe, Prairie Rehabilitation
    • Trustee: Chris Batchelor, Big Stone Therapies
  • Nominating & Awards Committee:
    • Chairperson: Eddy Roumen, Net Health
    • Leigh Ann Frick, Care Navigation Consulting, LLC
    • Keely Kent, Continuum Therapy Partners

Regional Coordinators

  • Regional Coordinator – West: Jessamine Downs, HealthPro Heritage

  • Regional Coordinator – Midwest: Erik Painter, EmpowerME Wellness

  • Regional Coordinator – Southwest: 

  • Regional Coordinator – Northeast: Beth Payne, Independence Rehab