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Common EMR Pitfalls of Therapy Documentation

Speaker: Cathy DeMartinis, PT, Compliance Resources    Learn More^


While the use of electronic documentation has many positive benefits, it does not eliminate the need for the therapist to think.  Indiscriminate “clicking” on available options often leads to inaccurate reporting of the services rendered, does not always provide evidence of the need for skilled personal and may not support the level of service billed.  With the medical record as a legal record, it is critical the documentation is truly reflective of our services and of the patient’s benefit.  Identifying common pitfalls of electronic documentation for therapy can lead to improved support of medical necessity of the services provided and can help compliance auditors focus on the areas of greatest concern.  This workshop focuses on three high-impact and common issues:  skilled intervention, goal-writing and function.


Attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify 2 negative impacts of non-comprehensive short-term goals;
  2. Identify one commonly documented, non-covered service;
  3. Explain functional, cognitive task appropriate for use in a speech therapy goal;
  4. Identify at least 2 different ways skilled intervention criteria is not met in documentation;
  5. Explain consequences of non-comprehensive long-term goals

CEUs:  PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and SLP
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