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Beyond Basics: Understanding and Meeting the Psychological Needs of Frontline Leaders

Speaker: Leta Beam, Vantage International    Learn More^


Webinar Description


Basic needs do not need to be fully met before an organization can turn its attention to meeting the team’s psychological needs, the next higher order needs in the Framework. In fact, some research suggests that it works equally well to address basic and psychologic needs simultaneously. This webinar will focus on developing a working understanding of the psychologic needs in the Framework and, second, using that understanding to create new practices or enhance existing ones to better position the team members to succeed even in difficult times.

Course Objectives

  1. Identify the psychologic needs that must be met to allow frontline leaders to perform excellently during crises and emergencies.
  2. Discuss the significance of building and maintaining strong relationships with team members.
  3. Discuss examples of simple conversation pathways that will help participants address higher order psychologic needs of frontline leaders.
  4. Identify best practices, tools and techniques that will help frontline leaders to feel more connected, recognized, appreciated, valued and respected.

Timed Agenda

  1. Welcome and Learning Objectives (1:00 – 1:02pm)
  2. Psychologic Needs of Frontline Leaders (1:02 – 1:12pm)
  3. Building and Maintaining Strong Relationships (1:12 – 1:22pm)
  4. Examples of Conversation Pathways to Address Higher Order Needs (1:22 – 1:35pm)
  5. Best Practices, Tools and Techniques for Leaders (1:35 – 1:55pm)
  6. Questions & Answers (1:55 – 2:00pm)


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