3 Tips to Market Your Practice

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3 Tips to Market Your Practice

At NARA, we don’t want your business to get lost in the shuffle. To make your practice stand out, we offer these 3 important tips to marketing your services effectively. By doing so, you will not only remain a cut above the competition but contribute to the improvement of your community.

1.)Host a free injury clinic.

Often, potentially damaging injuries can be dismissed as a typical bump or bruise. By brushing aside warning signs and hesitating to book a clinical appointment, it can lead the way to possible future problems. To ease this pressure and assuage the stress of a formal visit, have your practice participate in a free injury clinic. Start by collaborating with local gyms or sports stores to help market the campaign. Having a partner not only aids in the planning process but will give you additional social media promotion. If you have the staff and time available, you can have your clinic participate by giving brief complimentary injury assessments for the attendees. If you do not have the existing resources to do a full assessment, you can also prepare an informational presentation as well. Both of these will potentially help to expand your clientele while leading the way to follow up appointments.


2.)Sponsor or create a yearly fitness event.

To effectively market your clinic, it needs to be approachable. Establishing yourself as part of the community at large is not only beneficial for the citizens but aids in your reputation. Sponsoring an event such as a 5K will expand your brand and open the doors to potential clients.  Don’t just settle for putting your company’s logo on the event flyer or website. Encourage your staff members to participate in the run. Hand out water bottles at the event with stickers of your information and a coupon for a free injury consultation. By getting the athletes at the event to bond with your staff personally, your clinic will be at the top of their mind.


3.)Support a student athlete.

Increase your online presence in one simple step by speaking to your area schools about sponsoring a student athlete of the week. Doing so is a cost-effective way to connect with the community, increase your social media sharing, and create buzz for your practice. When choosing a student, do not just get pinned down with athletic prowess. Showcase students who have demonstrated good sportsmanship and academic achievements. The story will then not only be shared by the school system but by friends and relatives. All of this will lead to further promotion of your practice.


By utilizing effective marketing techniques, your practice can flourish. At NARA, we can help make your business stand out. Find out why being a member will help you succeed by enrolling in a trail membership today!