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New Year, New Practice

Welcome in the new year with new initiatives for your practice. Think about some of the goals you have and what you envision the year to look like for your facility. We have gathered some helpful tips you can use to make 2020 the best year yet. 

Keep Patients Active

Unhappy patients are going to have a difficult time staying motivated to go to their appointments or even completing their exercises at home. This is a common frustration for many therapists. Pushback from patients is normal and will never go away. However, you can change how you motivate patients and encourage their active engagement. 

You can do this by establishing clear goals with your patients that they feel they are able to achieve. If you make the goal too challenging, they may not believe they can actually attain it and give up. Speak plainly and positively with them. Be their biggest fan during each session. When they know you truly care and are there to help them succeed, they will trust you. But more importantly, trust themselves to accomplish these goals. 

Attract New Patients

If you’re looking to attract new patients this year, you’ll have to put your marketing cap on. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a marketing guru to have success in this area. The best way to attract new patients is to provide a great experience with your current ones. Word of mouth is strong and if you establish a referral program, you are guaranteed to see some new faces in your office. Host family-friendly events and invite your patients. You will likely get guests who aren’t your patients to stop by your practice with something as simple as offering free hot chocolate. 

Stay on Top of Current Knowledge

Be at the top of your field by making sure all staff are up-to-date on their specialty. This can be somewhat easy to do with required credit education, but you can take it a step further in your practice. Each time someone returns from a conference or training, have them present something new they learned at a meeting. If it’s a technique, break into groups to practice this. Be the best in your field by welcoming new ways of helping patients succeed. 

Another way you can stay up-to-date is by partnering with an advocacy program like NARA. Not only will you stay up on the latest and greatest, but you will learn how to promote therapy across the country. Visit NARA to learn more.