Rinse, Eat & Repeat - Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Veggies Month

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June is the perfect time to celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. Most produce is going to be at the top of its game, giving you the best flavor to remember the rest of the year. Besides the great taste, garden fresh produce has many nutritional benefits that can help you feel great and even aid in your recovery. Here are some of the best ones to add into your treatment plan!


Leafy Greens

Popeye had the right idea when it came to the importance of eating leafy greens like spinach. They are extremely high in antioxidants and vitamins. These are some of the best tasting greens to add to any meal or smoothie.

Spinach - This veggie is versatile. It’s great sautéed, in a smoothie or as the main ingredient of a salad. It has plenty of Vitamin K which can help to keep your bones strong. It also has folate and potassium. These are all major components of having low blood pressure.

Kale - There’s a reason kale has been a fad in recent years. It’s one of the most nutrition-packed vegetables in the world. One cup of it has 684% of your daily vitamin K! You can also count on it for antioxidants like beta-carotene and lutein, which can fight your susceptibility of certain diseases.

Arugula - Although not as popular as its leafy counterparts, arugula has a slight peppery taste and some amazing energy-boosting benefits. It can help promote quick healing with its high levels of potassium and vitamin K.



Cherries - Specifically tart red cherries are a staple to include in your recovery this summer. They have been shown to reduce recovery time in overstressed muscles. Some cherry advocates have even said that they can help with their arthritis symptoms due to their anti-inflammatory properties from antioxidants.

Pineapple - If you suffer from inflammation, pineapples should be your first pick at the Farmer’s Market. They have a high level of bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation.

Blueberries - Blueberries are a great addition to oatmeal, ice cream or just by themselves. They are extremely high in antioxidants. This is important because it can help to improve memory, which is an important factor in recovery. Your brain needs to be able to remember how to tell your body to move correctly.

Did you know?  Blueberries may be one of the highest antioxidant-filled fruits we commonly eat?



Bell Peppers - Bell Peppers of any color are very high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a collagen promoting food. Collagen helps strengthen everything that’s important to your body like bones, muscles, skin and tendons. It really is a “catch all.”

Broccoli - Whatever kind of broccoli you like and whether you like it crispy or cooked, it is supercharged with nutrients. It is high in vitamin C and folate. Folate will help your heart stay strong as you work through exercise therapy.

Tomato - We know, there’s some debate on whether this is a fruit or a vegetable, but either way, it’s great for you and delicious in the summer. It has vitamins C, K and Potassium. It also has high levels of Naringenin in its skin which can help reduce inflammation.


Whatever you’re craving this summer, keep your plate as colorful as possible with these tasty fruits and vegetables. Not only will you feel more energized, but you’ll be able to get the most out of your treatment.