4 Ways to Ensure Patient Retention

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Patient Retention

It used to be that the most challenging aspect of promotion was getting patients through the door. However, once they come through the door, how do you keep them coming back? Patient retention is sometimes a difficult and frustrating process. What one patient needs might be different from what the next patient needs. However, with just a few easy practices, you can increase your patient retention and develop the relationships needed to keep a strong customer base.


The Initial Phone Call

No one likes calling a number and immediately getting a robot on the other end. Although answering services are sometimes necessary as a backup system, it is always best to have a person on the other end of the phone. By having that personal touch, that live body on the end of the line, it promotes a sense of personalization. Every encounter you have with a patient is important and their first impression is coming from their initial phone call.


Walking Through the Door

Just as important as the initial phone contact, the initial in person contact is crucial as well. Everyone likes to see a smiling face as they walk into a place of business. A simple “Hello, how can I help you today” can do wonders. Always avoid merely having a sign up that directs the patient to sign in and sit down. These small interactions can have a huge impact on how comfortable your patient feels within your practice.


Practitioner Interaction

Along with the first time they walk into your practice, the first time they head to the exam room should feel personal. Suggest your staff address the patient by name. Small touches like utilizing their name can help to ease patients’ minds and make them feel more comfortable. Practitioners themselves should try to build a unique relationship with each patient. Always work to increase communication and remain engaged. You want to treat the whole patient and not just what ails them.


Opportunities to Reach out

The patient shouldn’t be the only one reaching out. There are many opportunities for you to put forth minimal effort to make a big difference. Is the patient overdue for a visit or do they have an upcoming appointment? A friendly phone call reminder can mean the difference between a missed appointment and a chance to make a connection. It also never hurts to follow-up on their latest appointment and assess how they are feeling and how their experience was.


These seemingly effortless habits are just a few of the ways for you to retain your clients. By just adding a few personal touches throughout their experience, from the initial appointment phone call to the after appointment follow-up, you can ensure you are giving your clients the best experience possible.