Advocacy Initiative for 2021: Why Advocacy is Important

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Why is advocacy important?

As a constituent, you are an indispensable part of our democratic system, and your advocacy is an important mechanism to influence elected officials and their actions. Being an advocate can have far-reaching positive impacts on your organizations business, your patients access to services you provide and the overall health of your community. Through advocacy efforts you provide policymakers with the information they need to make informed decisions and, in turn, influence legislation.  Educating your elected officials about the latest information in the therapy industry is critical to ensuring that your elected officials understand the impact therapy has on their constituents. Additionally, your persistence in continually on the importance of therapy programs can help to ensure the continuation and growth of awareness of the benefits of therapy for patients with a vast range of needs from recovering from COVID-19, to general weakness, to injuries, to declines in mobility, cognition, and activities of daily living.

What does NARA do to Advocate on Behalf of Members?

NARA works side by side with the professional associations and other trade associations whose priorities and focus aligns with our members.  We collaborate on joint letters and meetings to share insight and support for the benefits of therapy.  Additionally, NARA provides written and verbal comments to Members of Congress as well as regulatory staff members.  Our general counsel, George G. Olsen, provides us with updates on potential legislation and regulatory issues that may impact our members.  NARA also has a Political Action Committee (PAC) who works with our Government Affairs Committee to determine opportunities to provide support for causes and legislation of importance to therapy providers.

How can NARA Members Advocate?

NARA has created an Advocacy Center on our website: .  In this Advocacy Center, we provide Key Issue writing campaigns that can be used to submit emails to your Congressional Member advocating on specific topics. We also provide a list of Key Congressional Legislation that we are tracking under the Bills heading.  Under the Directory tab, you can look up the contact information for your Members or view their staff members and committees they participate on.

In 2020 NARA’s advocacy efforts increased and we plan to continue growing our advocacy efforts in 2021.  We provided many campaigns through our Advocacy Center for our members and non-members to share their insight and passion for the therapy industry with their elected officials.  Our advocacy efforts will continue in 2021.  Stay tuned to our Advocacy page on the NARA website: and watch your email for more information on how you can cultivate a relationship with your elected officials, advocate for your business, and most importantly advocate for your patients.