American Heart Month: Why Cardiac Rehabilitation is Important 

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American Heart Month: Why Cardiac Rehabilitation is Important 

In honor of February being American Heart Month, we want to focus on why cardiac rehabilitation is important. Patients who have suffered a heart problem can benefit greatly from cardiac rehabilitation and it is a key factor in the recovery process. Continue reading to find out more about why cardiac rehabilitation is great for your patients!  

Heart-Healthy Routines  

Patients who participate in cardiac rehabilitation will be able to start changing their lives and creating heart-healthy habits and routines. Cardiac rehabilitation gives patients a chance to find a physical activity that they enjoy doing, which can increase their activity levels overall. They can also learn about what habits are good and bad for their heart health and will hopefully start to make changes over time. Personalized plans of cardiac rehabilitation can help each patient find what works for them and start making better decisions regarding their heart health.  

Increase Strength  

Along with focusing on heart health, cardiac rehabilitation can help strengthen the body overall. Because cardiac rehabilitation is a supervised program that allows patients to safely and effectively increase their activity levels, they are strengthening their muscles and stamina which can benefit their lives greatly. Participants in cardiac rehabilitation will be able to complete daily tasks easier, their immunity will be boosted, and it will help improve their lung function. A daily task like climbing stairs may be extremely difficult for someone who has suffered a heart attack or heart condition, and cardiac rehabilitation can help make it easier. This helps patients feel that they have more control of their life and more independence.  

Improve Mental Health  

Getting into the habit and routine of participating in regular physical activity can help improve a patient's overall mental health. For patients, experiencing a heart attack, heart condition, or surgery can be an extremely stressful time and can have an impact on their mental health. They may feel depressed, irritable, and have low energy levels. The physical activity and healthy diet that comes along with cardiac rehabilitation can help improve patients’ mental health.  

Your patients can benefit greatly from participating in cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation can help with heart health, strength, and even mental health. When a patient goes through cardiac rehabilitation, you are helping improve their quality of life and can help them get back on the right track. Visit our website to become a NARA member today or contact us if you have any questions!