Back to School: Keeping Your Clients Through the School Year

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Back to School: Keeping Your Clients Through the School Year

Trying to keep your clients coming back consistently throughout the school year can be difficult. Their schedules are a lot busier, and they may have little to no free time. Between school, homework, and the beginning of sports, it is really easy for your patients to forget to make appointments regularly. We are going to give you a few tips to keep your clients coming back during the school year.  

  1. Simplicity Is Key 

  • To keep your patients coming back, having a very simple scheduling process will help with that! This is going to make it easier for you and your staff to coordinate and work with the patient. Making sure your website is updated and working correctly and the platform you use to schedule is working correctly and efficiently is an important step. 

  1. Send Out Reminders  

  • It doesn’t hurt to send out a few reminders just to help the patient if they get busy and forget about their appointments. One option is utilizing automated patient appointment reminders. These reminders will ensure that your patients get reminded at the correct time and day. You can also send out calls, text messages, or emails to remind your patients.  

  1. Provide At-Home Options 

  • Sometimes our schedules are just too busy to fit in appointments regularly. Providing your patients with at-home exercises and options will allow them to still be engaged but won’t require them to come in on a regular basis. This can help with retention throughout the school year since it will keep them coming back even if they miss a few sessions.  

  1. Establish a Good Physician-Patient Relationship  

  • Establishing a good physician-patient relationship will increase the chances of your patient continuing to come back. Keeping a strong relationship will ensure that your patient will remember you, and if they had a good experience at their last few appointments, they will most likely want to continue with their treatment.  

Back-to-school season is approaching, and schedules are getting busier and busier. Doing these four things will help you keep your clients coming back even through the school year. Client retention is so important and keeping the clients you have now engaged and coming back on a regular basis will not only help them be successful with their treatment but will help you as well!