Best Post-Surgery Practices to Stay Safe 

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Best Post-Surgery Practices to Stay Safe 

Many people view surgery as a fix to whatever has been ailing them. Whether it was a torn ligament from a sports injury or a joint replacement from aging, you are finally ready to be on the path to health and wellness. However, what many people don’t think about is how their journey to recovery at home can be another hurdle they must face. From simple solutions to long-term habits, NARA has compiled a list of the things you will need to stay safe during your post-surgery recovery. 

Clean up and declutter 

One of the first things you will need to do before returning home from surgery is to remove the clutter. Whereas before you could easily navigate around bunched-up rugs and cluttered corners, now you will have a walker, cane, crutches or wheelchair to contend with. Be aware of your surroundings and remove any items that either could cause a fall or aren’t necessary for your everyday life. 

Uneven door thresholds and stairways 

From the entrance to your house, stairs to a different level or uneven flooring, these are all factors that can present you with hurdles as you recover. Even the transition between two types of flooring, like going from wood flooring to carpet, can be hard to overcome after surgery. Be sure to make home navigation a priority as you prepare yourself. 

Physical Therapy 

We have saved one of the most important steps for last. Post-surgery recovery can be a long and painful process – but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve made the decision to undergo surgery but don’t make the mistake of skipping physical therapy. Think of therapy as an investment in your overall well-being. Your PT will show you the stretches and exercises you need to return to your everyday activities.  

Staying the course 

The hard part isn’t over once you’ve decided on a physical therapist. While learning the exercises and stretches to help you recover is one thing, implementing them at home is another. Be sure to dedicate the time needed to perform the work you and your PT have decided on at home as well as in your scheduled appointments. Putting in the work helps to ensure the success of your recovery.  

Having major surgery to correct an issue is a step in the right direction! The recovery may be hard, but it will be well worth it. We at NARA want to help you plan ahead so you can stay safe at home while you recover. If you are a physical therapist looking to join a group of like-minded individuals, join NARA today. Together, we can make a difference in the physical therapy and rehabilitation industry.