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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 28, 2013 Baltimore, MD – The Brief Cognitive Assessment Test (BCAT), currently used by thousands of clinicians worldwide to assess and treat individuals who are living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), a condition that results in an individual’s decreased memory, judgment, and reasoning abilities, has announced that they are unveiling an enhancement to their innovative science.   The newly branded “BCAT Approach” will offer expanded access, training, and capability to healthcare professionals, such as nurses, rehabilitation therapists, social workers who care for and treat people who suffer from MCI and other related conditions on the cognitive functioning spectrum.   “We strongly believe that The BCAT Approach, which integrates three distinct systems, a test system, brain rehabilitation program, and recreation program, is a critical clinical approach that clinicians practicing in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, outpatient programs, and home health agencies will need to effectively deliver care in these changing times in the healthcare industry.” commented Dr. William Mansbach, creator of the BCAT Approach.   Long-term studies suggest that 10 – 20% of those aged 65 and older may have MCI. Continuing Education Units are now also available for those professionals who can be trained either on-line or via live courses at locations soon to be announced.  For more information visit