Donating to your Community During the Holidays

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Week-3-Post-3 We all have an idea in our head of what makes for the perfect holiday, be it opening a gift, singing carols or simply spending time relaxing with our loved ones. But for many people in our communities, these ideas are much more difficult to attain. Whether they’re dealing with an illness, a recent job loss or some other hardship, there are many people in our community who are less fortunate.   NARA believes that everyone should have a joyful holiday season, and we know there are things we can do to help make our community better during the holidays. Here are some ideas on how we can all give back to our great community this holiday season.  

  1. Make food and dish it out- cookies and casseroles can be great gifts this time of year. You can provide them for those who don’t have the means or are short on food, as well firefighters, police officers and other public servants.
  2. Pack stockings for the homeless- pick out some cheap stockings and fill them with practical items. These can range from food and drink (granola bars, bottles of water, etc.) to gloves, socks and hygiene items.
  3. Donate old toys- kids’ toys and games can get pricey in a hurry. Purge your kids’ old toys to donate to families who are less fortunate.
  4. Pay a visit to a local nursing home- the holidays can be hard on elderly people living in nursing homes. A short visit or gift from a stranger could brighten their day, or even make their entire week.
  5. “Adopt” a family- there are many ways you can support families in our community, and your local food pantry would be a good place to start. Find out about families in need and support them throughout the winter, the toughest time for families in need.
  6. Donate to the food bank- winter, especially in our area, is a difficult part of the year; it is far worse if you don’t have enough food. Your local food bank will put your donation to good use.
  7. Have family members make a donation in your name- replace one thing on your Christmas list with the wish that in lieu of a present, a donation is made in your name to the charity of your choice.
  There’s no wrong way to make a donation to help the less fortunate. At NARA, we’re committed to standing up for those who can’t on behalf of rehabilitation providers everywhere, and we love it when others share in that spirit of giving. Regardless of how you choose to help, we wish you a very happy holiday season.