Early Intervention: How Early Physical Therapy is Beneficial

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Early Intervention: How Early Physical Therapy is Beneficial


The early bird gets the worm or we should say, the early mover gets there faster! Starting physical therapy early can provide several benefits to patients and their treatment programs. If your patients aren’t convinced, consider sharing these benefits of early intervention with them.

Less Cost in the Long Run

Many patients try to avoid going to therapy right after surgery because they think it will save them money by having less treatment. Some may also think that they don’t need treatment due to a minor injury, further exacerbating the injury to end up needing therapy longer than what was originally prescribed.

Lessen Further Injury

Even a minor injury can be made worse if the patient is not trained on how to treat and manage the injury correctly. They may start misusing the injured body part or overcompensating movement in other areas of the body that can cause strains and injury to other areas of the body. We should be educating patients that undergoing treatment and learning how to move their body appropriately will serve them greater in the long run. We aim to educate patients on how to live a full life and we do so by assisting them with current injuries and also train them on how to prevent further ones.

Minimize Recovery Length

It’s important to realize and verbalize that our goal as providers is for the patients to recover at a rate their body can handle. Early intervention can get to the core of the issues faster, making the overall recovery time shorter.

Keep Your Body Functioning Properly

Even if a patient hasn’t suffered a major injury, it can still be very important for them to have therapy. This is especially true if the injury is in an area that they need to use for employment. Even athletes or anyone who works their body hard can benefit from restorative treatment to keep their body functioning smoothly. We can help to give them confidence on how to prevent other injuries that may occur due to their active lifestyle.

Not only do we need to educate patients in their treatment, but we need to communicate the value of doing so early and consistently. Visit our page to learn more ways to educate your patients today.