Finding Work-Life Balance in Your Therapy Career

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Finding Work-Life Balance in Your Therapy Career

It’s no secret that everyone nowadays is juggling heavy workloads, family responsibilities, relationships, and hobbies. However, trying to maintain this juggling act can lead to skyrocketing stress levels. That’s why here at NARA, we have put together a helpful list of simple ways you can achieve work-life balance while still focusing on your career!

Take Time for Yourself

Consistently helping others heal and grow leaves little space for you to do so as well. When you have a little bit of free time, try to keep it that way. Don’t fill the chunk of time with tasks you need to complete. Just take some time for yourself to relax because you can’t fit everything into 24 hours. Have your social life planned out, so then you are scheduling your work life around your personal life and not vice versa.

Don’t Always Bring Your Work Home

It’s inevitable that you will have to bring your work home eventually. However, do not make a habit of it. During your day, you are constantly working to get things done and starting new tasks. That means when you leave, your work should stay. Bringing your work home is an easy way to lose your personal life because you will be consistently focusing on work and nothing else.

Enjoy the Weekend

Even though your entire week is busy, try not to keep chores and tasks all for the weekend. Aim to complete chores and tasks throughout the week, then finish remaining tasks on Saturday morning. Your weekend is meant to be enjoyed, not a time where you get all of your personal work done with no free time. Be sure to unplug and get out and about to enjoy some “you” time.

Stay Active

Exercising regularly reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. Working out is excellent for your body and keeps you strong, so you can continue to do your job. Staying active could be as simple as going on walks for your breaks and lunch. Be sure to eat right and snack on fruits and nuts to give you energy instead of drinking energy drinks and munching on high sugar foods.

Don’t Over Commit

While the week is full of work, still try to plan one fun activity to do during the week. Set manageable goals for yourself and don’t try to get everything done right away. It’s okay to say no and take time for yourself. Be sure your responsibilities at home and work are divided evenly, so you have a clear idea of what you need to complete in both aspects of your life.

We hope that these tips will help aid you in getting a more manageable routine within your life to reduce stress. If you have any questions about other ways you can relax and unwind from the responsibilities of life, contact us! We’d be happy to talk about NARA and what we do to wind down after a stressful day!