Finding Your Place in the Rehabilitation Industry

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Finding Your Place in the Rehabilitation Industry

With so many different aspects of the rehabilitation industry, it can feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions. Don’t worry though, you are not alone. Many therapists struggle with trying to do it all and then burning themselves out. However, if you’re a clinic owner, you could be doing your business a disservice. By working to develop yourself in one particular area, you can more easily target your patients’ specific needs and grow your practice. This can not only set you apart in the patient’s eyes but it can also help you better compete with other clinics in your area. NARA has a few tips on how to find your niche in the therapy world:

  1. Decide who you enjoy working with

Think about all of the therapists you know. There is always someone who sticks out when you think about pediatric therapy. Or that one therapist who excels when it comes to sports-related injuries. Now think about yourself. Maybe you were an athlete in high school and can really relate to those patients. Maybe you have a family member with a disability, and you want to help those with the same condition. Finding your passion is the first step in finding your unique place in the industry.

  1. Examine your own experiences

Whether it was in school or as a professional working in the field, you have had plenty of interactions with a variety of patients. Have you noticed that there is a patient profile that you see most often? It might help to make a list of the types of cases you’ve taken so far. Do you feel that there was an influx of a particular kind of patient? Or was there one area of therapy you seemed to enjoy more than others? The more you can narrow down your experiences, the better idea you will have which area to focus on.

  1. Checkout your area

Are there a variety of clinics in your area? Do they specialize in a particular course of therapy? Perhaps there is a gap in coverage of a certain therapy. If this is the case, you can step in and be the go-to source for that particular need.

The whole premise of NARA is to help you grow your practice through education and legislative advocacy. That’s why we’re dedicated to the business side of therapy. Learn more about the advocacy work we do on your behalf, as well as the resources available to all our members.