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Foods That Promote Healing

As the weather cools down it seems like the cooking heats up! From Halloween treats to savory fall dishes, this time of year makes it hard for everyone to watch what they eat. But if you’re working to recover from a recent procedure or injury, there are certain foods that can aid in your healing. Thankfully, you don’t have to give up those delicious holiday dishes in order to get the vitamins and minerals you need! 

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is great for recovery because it helps in the production of white blood cells. White blood cells aid in fighting off viral and bacterial infections. This stimulation of white blood cells increases the rate at which your body heals.  

Try This Dish 

An easy way to get some Vitamin A in your life is to eat more sweet potatoes. That’s right, the holiday favorite, sweet potato casserole, is full of the vitamins you need to stay healthy this winter. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

If you are plagued by inflammation, adding Omega-3 Fatty acids could be just what you need to start to feel some relief. Even rheumatoid arthritis patients have seen significant reductions in their inflammation when adding more Omega-3’s into their diet. 

Try This Dish 

Start your mornings out with a warm bowl of your favorite oatmeal and add some walnuts! Walnuts are a great source of both Omega-3’s and fiber to keep you feeling your best. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is water-soluble which means it is not naturally produced in the body and must be consumed from foods. Vitamin C helps to build new protein for tendons, ligaments, blood vessels and skin. This will benefit anyone who is actively recovering from illness or injury.  

Try This Dish 

Broccoli is a great source of Vitamin A which is perfect for this time of year. Whether you love broccoli cheddar soup or broccoli casserole is more your thing, your belly and your body will be happy! 

This year be sure to incorporate healthy options into your diet to make sure you stay healthy and happy all season long! You don’t even have to give up your favorite fall treats in order to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.