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Get the Win by Implementing Telehealth Full-Time

Like many practicing clinics, telehealth became a huge part of the health and rehabilitation business in 2020. And though it wasn’t without its glitches, many practitioners have embraced the new normal and are even thinking about making permanent changes. So, when it comes to taking on telehealth patients full-time, what’s the game plan? 


By now, there is an identifiable need to be able to see your patients and clients virtually. So, it’s a matter of laying out the game plans for how you’ll continue to do so. Forming a division of dedicated online team members is a great first step. Not everyone is comfortable with treating people virtually and that’s ok. Just make sure those who join the telehealth team are ready to take on the challenge. 

With your team assembled, be sure you are defining your goals for your telehealth venture. Your specific practice, goals and budget are all items to keep in mind as you choose a vendor to start or continue your telehealth game plan.   


With a telehealth team and network in place, it’s time to blow the whistle and get things started. When implementing your telehealth program, it’s important to allot time for day-to-day logistics such as new scheduling procedures, adjusted workspaces and equipment, staff time per appointment and communication with your patient. There are several new players in the game, and it’s important to address each one.  

This would also be a great time to come up with your signature “plays”. And by that we mean it’s a great time to streamline and implement certain processes so that you ensure each person on your team, and every client your practice serves, is getting the same high standards of treatment. Creating these benchmarks of therapy success will allow you to create goals for your business. 


Like most things, practice makes perfect. There will be kinks to work out that you will run into along the way. From clients that are “technologically challenged” to spotty internet in the office, you never know what kind of curveball you will be thrown. The best way to approach these issues is by doing it head-on. Addressing problems as they arise is the best way to keep your staff feeling confident in your ability to run a new program and for your clients to feel comfortable getting the rehabilitation they need. 

At the end of the day, we’re all on the same team! By working together, we can achieve almost anything, including an exclusively online health and rehabilitation clinic. Telehealth may not be new, but it’s constantly evolving to fit the world we live in. If you’re looking for more info on the latest trends in telehealth and the rehabilitation industry, join NARA today!