Getting a Jump on Outcome-Based Payments

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The days of getting paid per service are coming to a close. Whether we like it or not, outcome-based payments are coming to the therapy world. Make sure your practice is ready with these tips from NARA:

Put an efficient data collection system in place.

Many practices already have some system like this in place, but all too often the process is manual and time-consuming. When the day comes that you rely on this data to be paid, you don’t want to be caught with an antiquated system. Luckily, there is software out there that can streamline this process. Websites such as CareConnections and WebPT offer cloud-based outcome-tracking that can speed up your data collection.  If you do already use a software to collect your data, make sure each of your therapists are adhering to your practices’ highest standards. Which leads us to…

Make sure standards are consistent for each therapist.

What one therapist defines as good practices might be complete different from another—even within the same clinic! Often, this goes back to their early days of their training. Different therapy schools hold their students to different standards. Clear communication with each of your therapists is a must when establishing clinic-wide expectations. There may be a time period where you must monitor everyone closely, to make sure the type of care given is the same for each patient.

Establish your own measurements now.

Eventually, the payers are going to set the measurement for what constitutes a patient outcome. By having your own measurements in place now, and ensuring that each of your employees meets them, you can have more control over what indicates patient success when the time comes to switch to outcome-based billing. After all, who knows better than you what data truly reflects improvement in a patient?

Changes in the legislative landscape can be bewildering and scary for any therapist. But with the proper preparation, your practice can weather any transformations that come your way. As always, NARA is here to be your partner and advocate. Become a member today and enjoy benefits such as eAlerts for legislative and industry updates, discounts on conferences and more.