Healthy Aging Month: How Physical Therapy Can Help You As You Age

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Healthy Aging Month: How PT Can Help You As You Age

Every stage of life comes with new challenges, especially as we start to grow older. However, age doesn’t have to be a limiting factor in your life. In fact, physical therapy can help you as you age to ensure that you’re able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a level of independence. This Healthy Aging Month, learn about all of the benefits of regular physical therapy. 

Increase Stability 

According to the CDC, nearly 3 million older adults end up in the emergency room each year due to falls. 1 in 5 falls results in serious injury which is why physical therapy plays such an important role in aging. By promoting activities that help with balance and coordination, patients can reduce their risk of falling and injury.  

Treating Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain from arthritis and other common ailments can make everyday life a struggle. However, physical therapy can not only preserve strength but also promote the use of the joints thus lessening symptoms. If day-to-day tasks come with some degree of pain, PT can help lighten the load and make life a little easier. 

Decreasing Dependence on Prescription Drugs 

Chronic pain causes many to rely on prescription drugs in order to get relief. But with physical therapy, many see a decrease, and even an end, of their chronic pain. Lower back pain and spinal stenosis have actually achieved the same results as surgery just through the use of proper PT.  

Increasing Independence  

An increase in mobility leads to an increase in independence! With the strength and coordination to perform everyday activities, seniors and other patients can live full healthy lives all in the comfort of their own homes. PT can target specific areas that need strengthening and create a plan that focuses on everyday movements.  

This Healthy Aging Month, it’s important to keep physical therapy as a part of a comprehensive health plan. Although getting older is inevitable, slowing down doesn’t have to be! If you’re a physical therapist or like-minded professional, come see how NARA is changing the rehabilitation industry.