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NARA, the National Association of Rehabilitation Providers and Agencies, leads the charge in advocating for the rehabilitation profession. In this blog, we explore how NARA's initiatives empower therapy providers and associates, revealing the tangible steps, strategic alliances, and impactful efforts that define our role in shaping the future of rehabilitation. Come with us as we unveil the pathways to advocacy excellence. 

Building a Unified Voice Through Collaboration 

At NARA, we understand the power of unity. We collaborate with sister trade associations such as the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and the American Health Care Association (AHCA) to amplify our advocacy efforts. This collaborative approach ensures that the rehabilitation profession speaks with a unified and impactful voice, addressing the shared concerns of its members. 

Key Involvement in Advocacy Coalitions 

NARA's influence extends to vital advocacy coalitions like ITEM (Independence Through Enhancement of Medicare and Medicaid) and CPR (Coalition to Preserve Rehabilitation). These coalitions regularly craft advocacy letters to Congressional leadership, focusing on policies that directly impact rehab providers. By actively participating in these initiatives, we help ensure that the rehabilitation profession is at the forefront of discussions on healthcare policy and regulation. 

Empowering Providers through Voter’s Voice Advocacy Campaigns 

NARA goes beyond traditional advocacy by providing a direct method for providers, suppliers, and beneficiaries to communicate their concerns to Congressional members and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). At NARA, we organize the Voter’s Voice advocacy campaigns to facilitate a streamlined channel for stakeholders to voice their opinions on pending policies and regulations, emphasizing the real-world impact on patient care and business operations. 

Political Action Committee (PAC) and Government Affairs Committee 

Recognizing the need for dedicated legislative efforts, NARA has established a Political Action Committee (PAC) and a Government Affairs Committee. Through these entities, we actively engage in the political arena, advocating for patient access, fair compensation, reduction of administrative burden, and the streamlining of processes between payers. These efforts are not just about policies; they are about ensuring the success of rehabilitation businesses and, ultimately, the well-being of patients. 

Looking Ahead: NARA's Vision for the Rehabilitation Profession 

In a profession where the primary focus is on providing quality care to patients, it's easy to lose sight of the intricate web of regulations that impact reimbursement and care delivery. NARA serves as the vigilant guardian of the rehabilitation profession, ensuring that the voices of providers, suppliers, and beneficiaries are heard at the highest levels of policymaking. If you want to learn more about our advocacy efforts or want to get involved, please visit our website, or call 1-866-839-7710.