Is Your Billing Software Bad for Business?

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Is Your Billing Software Bad for Business?

At NARA, we understand that change is never easy but using outdated billing system software can be hurting your business. Upgrading can maximize your potential, however, it also takes time and resources.  It’s time to find out if it’s truly worthwhile by adhering to these guidelines.

TRUE OR FALSE: Customer service for your billing system software should be included.

TRUE. Not only should your current billing software system have effective support, it should also be free. Upgrades should not require installation from your staff or an additional charge. Be wary of hidden fees as well as renewal charges. If your system is causing you to pay an annual fee to continue services, it may be time to cut the cord and pursue other options.

TRUE OR FALSE: Having a server-based billing system is not a major drawback.

FALSE. The medical world moves at a fast pace and your practice needs to keep up. By relaying on server-based billing systems, access to information can be limited. The software is only compliant with the computer on which it was installed, limiting your resources should an issue present itself. Regulatory changes require an update that can only be downloaded on that individual computer as well. Tech problems ensure additional complications as the server and hardware must be acquired before the issue can be resolved. Your system needs to be flexible and have the capacity to be accessed anytime and anywhere.

TRUE OR FALSE: Becoming regionally specialized can take time.

FALSE: It’s understandable that catering to each region and their specifications is a massive undertaking. However, if your billing system keeps promising it will become regionally specific and it doesn’t deliver, your practice can suffer.  Coding and billing rules change annually. To ensure your practice is compliant, you need to know how changes relate to your region and specialty.

Change is inevitable in the medical field and your practice needs to continue to evolve to stay on top. This includes operating under a productive billing system. By relaying on outdated software, potential complications and legal issues can arise. Keep your practice protected by staying updated. At NARA, we can help. Contact us to find out how you can become a member today.