Marketing Your Practice in 2021

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Marketing Your Practice in 2021

A new year and a fresh start—that’s what everyone is looking forward to in 2021. But this year, unlike many others, there has been a huge shift in the way we live. COVID-19 changed the nature of many practices and will continue to alter them in the future. So how can you market your business during these times? NARA has put together a few ways to keep in contact with your current clients as well as recruit new ones! 

Nearly half of the population scrolls through social media every day. So, if your business isn’t promoting itself in the social world, you’re missing out! Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all great places to market your business. From everyday posts to sponsored ads, you can reach audiences all around your area--easily and effectively. 

Another great way to keep people looking at your business is to start writing blogs. Blogs allow you to connect with your audience about topics they’re interested in. From stretches they can do on those long work-from-home days to meals that will help keep them healthy, having a stream of good searchable content will help bring visitors to your site and ultimately to your business. 

Across the country, face to face meetings are still against many local ordinances. But for many clients, without seeing their therapist or the rehab exercises they need to perform, they may not be able to complete their therapy. This is the perfect opportunity for your office to put together short videos to post across your social media pages. YouTube, Facebook and your website are the perfect places to upload your clips to not only help your clients but spread the word about your practice.  

2021 might look a little different but that doesn’t mean you can’t market your office! Going digital can be a challenge for some at first, but once you pick a marketing strategy, it will all become second nature! Keep your current clients engaged and find some new ones with just a few new additions to your overall marketing plan.