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Move More Month

Warmer weather is here which means it’s time to get up and get moving! Every April, the American Heart Association promotes Move More Montha time for everyone to focus on making every move count. Join NARA as we take small steps that add up to huge strides all month long!  

Start off by determining what you want to achieve by engaging in a more active lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to better your physical health, mental health, stress levels, sleep or productivity, you can do it easily and with minimal time commitment. In fact, even everyday activities can quickly add up! Here are a few things you can do around the house to get moving in an hour or less.  

10 minutes 

  • Just ten minutes of stretching is like walking the entire length of a football field. 

20 minutes 

  • Just twenty minutes of pushing the vacuum around is like walking a mile. 

30 minutes 

  • If you have half an hour to spare, consider a round of singles tennis – it’s like walking a 5K! 

  • Thirty minutes adds up! A thirty-minute grocery trip every other week for a year is like walking a whole marathon. 

1 hour 

  • Get that body moving! An hour of dancing every week for a year would be the same as walking from Chicago to Indianapolis.  

Other Everyday Activities to Get Moving 

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator 

  • Park further away from the entrance to the building 

  • Take a dance break when your show goes to a commercial  

  • Try doing squats or shoulder dips while waiting for dinner to cook 

  • Use an exercise ball instead of a traditional desk chair 

No matter how you decide to incorporate more movement into your day, it’s worth the reward! Keep your heart healthy and your body powerful by taking advantage of your everyday activities. For even more resources on keeping your body healthy, be sure to check out NARA’s blog page.