National Rehab Week

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National Rehab Week

September 13-19 is the annual National Rehabilitation Week. NARA would like to encourage all its members to mark this observance by involving their local community in the celebrations! Below are just a few ways you can bring attention to everything that therapy professionals do. 

  1. Plan an online open house that includes tours of your clinic, free virtual health screenings and digital brochures with information on what you do. Invite your past patients to be a part of it and have them tell their story to attendees. You may even attract new clients! 

  1. Create availability to talk to local schools. Many schools have set up online classrooms you could participate in. Who knows, you could inspire a young person to follow in your footsteps and join the rehabilitation profession! 

  1. Ask some of your successful patients if they would like to tell their story to the local press. If they agree, contact the feature writer at your city’s newspaper or news station and pitch the story to them. Lend your voice as one of the expert sources for the article. Educating the public on how rehabilitation can help in a variety of ways is the perfect way to shine some light on our profession. 

  1. Approach your local government and ask if they will promote the week as “National Rehabilitation Awareness Week.” By having your local governments observe the holiday, you are helping spread the word! 

  1. Use this week to boost your employees’ morale or let them know how much you appreciate all the work they do! Put together an after-hours happy hour on Zoom and present awards to everyone recognizing the unique role they play on the team. You can be fun with it and present certificates to the person with the “Most Cheery Attitude” or “Most Likely to Befriend” a patient. 

At NARA, we know how much work you do to run your business while making sure your patients are taken care of. That’s why we’re here for you. We advocate for rehab issues to the federal government and keep you informed, so you can focus on things such as National Rehab Week. One of the ways we deliver important regulatory information to you is through our conferences. Our online fall conference starts soon! Learn more here