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[caption id="attachment_2061" align="alignnone" width="600"]Use these tips to continue physical therapy while away from home. Use these tips to continue physical therapy while away from home.[/caption]   While summer is typically the most common time for people to take vacations, fall trips and long weekends away are common during the autumn season. If you’re going to be spending time away from home, but you are a physical therapy patient, there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t take a step backward with your therapy. NARA is here to provide you with tips that will allow you to continue with some level of therapy, no matter where you are. Stay Stretched Out Travel can mean long periods of inactivity, whether you’re flying and spending time at an airport for a layover or spending hours sitting in a car. Even the simplest stretching routine, whether you are stretching your arms, legs, back or neck, can help muscles from swelling or becoming painfully tense. Weight Exercises There’s a difference between weighted exercises and pumping heavy iron. The exercises we’re talking about should be done at a low intensity and with controlled movement, rather than focusing on dynamic movement. Instead, focus on improving core strength and keeping muscles toned, which can be done using simple household items like cans of soup. Stay In Touch With Your Physical Therapist Physical therapists are there for you, whether you’re in the middle of a session in their office or away from home. Before going on a trip, consult your physical therapist to see if there are any recommendations that will help you maintain your progress while away from home. If you do experience any pain while traveling, call your physical therapist and inform them of the issue to see if they have any recommendations. NARA represents physical therapy and rehabilitation providers across the country. To learn more about how we are an advocate for providers or the benefits of being a NARA member, simply contact us.