The Future is Here: AI and Physical Therapy

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The Future is Here: AI and Physical Therapy

Artificial Intelligence is quickly making its way into many aspects of our lives including the world of physical therapy. AI is advancing quickly and has the capability to change our world as we know it. In this blog, we will discuss how AI will affect physical therapy and how it can be utilized to give optimal care to our patients.  

Discussing Concerns About Artificial Intelligence  

With AI advancing in our lives, concerns arise about job impact, particularly in healthcare. Will AI replace humans in healthcare? Fortunately, human interaction remains vital, especially in physical therapy. Patients need emotional support and personalized care, with unique circumstances and setbacks requiring human judgment. Rather than replacing physical therapists, AI can assist, easing their workload and enabling greater focus on patients, leading to more personalized and effective care. 

How AI Will Impact Physical Therapy  

AI technology can be utilized in the diagnosis and assessment process by assisting physical therapists to make the process easier and more efficient. AI can also be used to efficiently track patient data to be used in predictive analytics and create optimal treatment plans. AI can provide useful technologies that will allow patients to receive care from the comfort of their homes, making physical therapy more accessible to patients. As AI technology is still quickly developing, here are a few of the latest technologies that have enhanced physical therapy:  

  • SWORD Health – SWORD stands for “System for home-based physical rehabilitation” and it is a system that utilizes wireless motion trackers. This system has everything from a “digital therapist” to patient data analytics. This system allows patients to receive care from their homes.  

  • Exer Health – This AI-driven system is an app that helps track patient progress and participation in their physical therapy plan. This helpful app includes patient reminders and allows patients to safely do their at-home exercises. The physical therapist can track their patients’ progress and check to make sure that they are doing their exercises correctly and safely.  

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that can assist physical therapists and create better patient experiences and outcomes when participating in physical therapy. AI will never replace physical therapists, instead, we can utilize the technology to further advance the physical therapy industry and provide the best care possible to our patients!