Therapy Cap Repeal Bills Introduced In House and Senate

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On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, both the House and the Senate introduced bills that would repeal the Therapy Cap.  The bill numbers are H.R. 807 and S. 253. The text of the bills it not yet available.

H.R. 807 was introduced by Rep. Paulsen, Erik (R-MN) and has been referred to the House - Energy and Commerce; Ways and Means.  There are currently 46 co-sponsors of the Bill (click here for the full list).  NARA will continue to update you on this Bill.

S. 253 was introduced by Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L. (D-MD) and been referred to the Committee on Finance.  In Senator Cardin's address to the Senate, he referred to MedPACs 2009 report which estimated the therapy cap, if enforced without an exceptions process, could negatively impact 931,000 Medicare beneficiaries.  The cosponsors on this bill are:  Sen. Collins, Susan M. (R-ME), Sen. Casey, Robert P., Jr. (D-PA), and Sen. Heller, Dean (R-NV).  They are the original cosponsors.

Visit our Advocacy page for updates on co-sponsors