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Week1 Welcome to 2015! 2014 was a great year that saw a lot of great experiences within our organization.  We had a great conference in the spring in Washington D.C where we got to hear about outcomes measurement in rehabilitation and speak with our local representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss current issues in our field.  We then followed that conference up with an amazing time in Las Vegas where we got to examine our own individual Purple Cow’s, and some best practices for AMA coding and other business models used in our industry. We have a lot of exciting things that we will continue doing from last year, and some things we are going to increase our efforts on.  We plan on continuing to try and connect you, the members, with each other through opportunities with Work Groups, an upcoming Forum (1st quarter), and increased communication efforts through social media and our blog. Our blog is something we are going to increase our efforts on, and hope to provide you with some great content every month.  This blog will have some articles related to NARA as a whole, and some articles that are a bit more focused to specific hot-button issues in the industry. In 2015 we aim to increase membership and further provide more benefits to all of you, our members.  We are currently offering a $300 Trial Membership as an incentive for businesses to “test-drive” our organization.  Be sure to reference our website frequently for updates on all events and membership. We are excited about all of the opportunities we will have to serve you in 2015 and hope that you will enjoy the journey with us.