Winds of Change Coming - Will Your Business Soar or be Blown Off Course?

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NARA Spring Conference 2016 May 4 - 6, 2016 Renaissance Washington DC Hotel - Dupont Circle Major changes are in store for the health care sector which will have a profound effect on providers and their patients. The elections in November will bring a new President, determine which party will control the House and Senate, and usher in new leadership for regulatory agencies such as HHS and CMS. Federal agencies will take significant steps to implement new payment methodologies to replace the physician fee schedule, advance initiatives to predicate Medicare payments on value and expand post-acute care bundling, and encourage the growth of alternative delivery systems such as Accountable Care Organizations. Medicare will be a year closer to insolvency bringing the prospect of deep funding cuts and intensified interest in curbing fraud and abuse. Health data breaches and cybersecurity concerns will demand greater attention by health care entities and invite greater scrutiny of HIPAA compliance. Will your rehabilitation business successfully ride these winds of change or will your business plan be grounded by the turbulence? This year’s Spring Conference seeks to provide early warning of coming changes, assess their impact on rehabilitation providers and their patients, and explore strategies for effectively navigating the rough weather. Don’t miss this conference! Let NARA help your business enjoy CAVU conditions—Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited—perfect flying weather!  Check out the agenda and our conference website.