Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your NARA Membership!

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Week4Post1 Here at NARA we believe that our biggest asset to you, our members, is in-fact you our community of members.  We believe that the members that make up our organization provide invaluable experience, knowledge, and resources that when shared are a benefit to all.  With that said, this week we would like to focus on some ways that you can leverage your membership to get the most value out of our organization.

  1. Participate – Attend conferences As an organization, we plan and hold an annual conference in both the fall and the spring. Designed to give you face-time with each other, while giving you the resources, our spring conference typically covers more logistical billing and legislative insight, while our fall conference usually focuses on ways to grow your business and become more profitable.
  2. Educate – Join our webinars/work groups We like to provide opportunities to connect our members through quarterly work groups.  These groups are segmented by industry and provide a good time to share best practices with common issues, as well as insights into any particular issue that comes up within the industry.
  1. Update – Stay up-to-date Stay up-to-date on everything that is going on with NARA via our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, and our Blog. These are all initiatives that we are increasing our efforts in this year to help provide you with the opportunities to stay updated.
  2. Communicate – Develop relationships with other members By communicating and developing relationships with others members, you increase the amount of resources at your disposal. There are many years of practice and business experience in our organization that you can benefit from.  By attending the conferences, work groups, webinars, and staying up-to-date on social media, you will have numerous opportunities to develop these relationships.
  3. Promote – Help grow the NARA membership As an organization, NARA can grow with your help.  By promoting us to others that you know in our industry, NARA gains more experience and resources to share with the rest of the organization.  The larger our community of people is, the more value the community is to all that are involved.
There are many other ways to get the value out of your membership above and beyond what we have listed here. Much like any organization, with NARA you will get the value out of the time that you put in, and active members get more out of their membership than inactive members.  We are always open for suggestions and feedback on ways that we can add more value to your membership.  Feel free to reach out to Christie Sheets, Nara’s Executive Director, (1-866-839-7710 or, or anyone on the board if you have any comments or questions.