NARA Membership Update 7.7.15

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It was great to see so many of you at our Spring Conference. As you know, that conference was my last as NARA President. As I said in my closing conference remarks, it has been such a privilege, blessing, and joy to serve as your President. It is quite humbling to think that you would want me to be your President for two terms. I have learned so much from you. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated serving NARA. NARA has come a long way as an organization. It has been great to see. I firmly believe NARA can have an even greater voice into the direction of our industry. NARA is in tremendous hands going forward. If you were not able to attend the Spring Conference, I want to share the results of our May election with you. Stephen Hunter was elected President. Stephen has previously served NARA as a Regional Coordinator, Board Member, and Vice President. He will make an outstanding NARA President. There should be a seamless transition between Stephen and myself. Mark Sulecki was elected NARA’s new Treasurer. Mark has served NARA as a Regional Coordinator and Chairperson of the Outpatient Work Group. I would like to thank Ted Botens again for his long time service to NARA as Treasurer. Denise Norman was reelected as a Board Member. Denise will continue as Chairperson of the Conference Committee. Lee Glasoe was elected as a Board Member. Previously, Lee has served NARA on the Nominating Committee and as a Regional Coordinator. With Stephen becoming President, NARA had a hole at Vice President. The Board has appointed Kelly Cooney to replace Stephen as Vice President. Kelly has served as a Regional Coordinator and Secretary. The NARA musical chairs continued with the Board appointing Chris Carlin as Secretary. Chris previously served NARA on the Nominating Committee. Nancy Beckley will now chair NARA’s Nominating Committee. Nancy has served NARA in numerous capacities. I have been asked about my role going forward. I plan to continue to serve NARA but in the role of Past President. I will participate on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. I see my Past President role as two fold. First, I will be an ambassador for NARA as directed by Stephen and the Board. Second, I will be a “free safety” for NARA. In football, the free safety plugs the holes in a defense as needed. I hope to plug any holes at NARA as needed and directed by Stephen and the Board. I am excited about this new role. I look forward to continuing to work with you, serve NARA, and help NARA members thrive under the Affordable Care Act. Thank you again for allowing me to serve you. Kennedy I. Hawkins, MBA, JD, LLM Past President