Therapy Students: Make the Most of your Summer!

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Therapy Students: Make the Most of your Summer!

You’ve completed one more semester of school – congratulations! This means you’re one step closer to your dream of working in the rehabilitation industry. Depending on your program or where you’re at it in school you could still be in class or clinical but we hope you have some time off to recharge for your next semester! So if you do have a summer break, are you wondering how you should spend it or make the most of it? We have some tips for you!

Take this time to learn something new! If there’s a certain topic that was touched on in school but you want to dive a little deeper here’s your chance to get it done! Pick up the book, read the articles, watch the YouTube videos, sign up for the webinar to learn and master something that has piqued your interest! Taking the initiative to learn outside of the classroom always look great on a resume.

Gain a little more hands-on experience. If you have time for a job, reach out to clinics and see if they need a little extra help for a few months. The benefits of having industry experience are invaluable. If your time is limited during the summer, try to schedule some days to observe therapists in your area.

Setting up days to observe not only gives insight into the day-to-day, it also allows you to experience a variety of working environments. Taking part in these opportunities can help you develop relationships that can last a whole career.

Building relationships leads into the next tip. Summer is a great time to travel and attend conferences or even plan to upcoming conferences in the fall. Find groups outside of your school, make connections with those students and social media serves building relationships really well.

One last thing to remember as you head into summer as therapy students are to take a break. Enjoy this time, sleep in a little later, take a trip with your family, or your friends. Your summers are numbered so make the most of it, enjoy and prepare for your next semester.

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